Introduction to AFRIC Africa


AFRIC Africa is a non-profit organization founded in April 2004 in Kyoto, Japan.

AFRIC Africa was founded by a group of young researchers and their friends who have experience of academic fieldwork and research in cities and villages in Africa. Through long-term fieldwork in Africa, the members came to develop an empathy for the local people. At the same time, they became aware of the importance of linking the research to cooperate with African people.

AFRIC Africa seeks to create societies in which people may live in peace and prosperity. We pursue this through sharing the outcome of our first-hand African experiences with people in Africa and Japan.


AFRIC Africa carries out cooperation and research in Africa. At the same time, we are hoping to create opportunities for people living in Japan to get to know about Africa.

1. We supoort people in Africa in building self-reliant societies under their own initiatives.
Example: We support local NGOs in Tanzania. We hope our support to those NGOs will encourage the people to improve their society and living conditions.

2.We promote activities for deeper understanding of African issues in Japan.
Example: Our members visit schools, offices and other public institutions in Japan to talk about issues relating to Africa. Through such activities, we provide opportunities to Japanese audiences to learn the topics which are generally not covered by the media.

3.We promote activities for mutual understanding and exchange between people in Japan and Africa.
Example: Our members visit schools in Africa and give talks and Q&A sessions about Japan.

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